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Found in 1999, BuilderCentral.com provides a platform where you can browse through a number of categories to find the relevant industry professional for the task at hand.

At BuilderCentral.com the need was recognized to establish a national network or database of companies actively involved in the construction industry.

BuilderCentral.com offers useful information on builder, home improvementarchitecture, special construction, engineeringspecialty components, concrete, doors & windows.

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Facts about Construction:

– Construction jobs are good-paying jobs. In November 2007, seasonally adjusted hourly earnings in construction averaged $21.27 per hour, 21-percent higher than the average for all private industry nonsupervisory workers.

– Construction makes a disproportionately large contribution to GDP. For the past eight quarters, investment in private nonresidential structures has grown faster than gross domestic product (GDP). Construction spending totaled $1.16 trillion in October 2007; nonresidential was $647 billion (56 percent).

– Small business is big in construction. In 2005, 91 percent of construction establishments had fewer than 20 employees. Only 1 percent had 100 or more.

– Construction is a high-turnover industry in terms of entering and exiting firms. Census data prepared for the Office of Advocacy of the U.S. Small Business Administration shows that 99,000 of 630,000 construction firms with employees in 2004 (16 percent) opened since 2003, while 77,000 firms closed.

– You can get a loan for both brand new and used equipment. Lenders, who refuse loan simply because you prefer pre-owned equipments to new ones, are simply not worth it!

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